1. Reception formalities are to be completed on the arrival of each apt. Each adult member will be asked to supply a non-expired identity document. The management reserves the right to keep at least one identity document for each individual crew until their departure.

2. The tariffs are charged per night. For apt. departing after 10.00 hours the following day will also be included (regardless of the time of arrival).

3. Small size dogs are accepted as long as they have been properly vaccinated and are always kept on a lead. The owners must ensure that they cause no disturbance or nuisance
to others and create no problems regarding proper behaviour and hygiene of the accommodation. It is pointed out that infringements of the regulations concerning the use of a lead (always) and the cleanliness of the animals will involve immediately leaving the Residence.

4. The management assumes third party liability for persons and objects only within the limits, conditions and risks established by the insurance company with which the Residence has taken out the appropriate policy; the same can be seen at reception. In accordance with international agreement, damage caused to cars is excluded since these are already covered by obligatory vehicle insurance.

5. The Management is not responsible for any damage to people or objects caused by natural phenomena or natural disaster.

6. The Management is not responsible for theft or loss of any valuable objects left unattended or inside the whole residence, in the apartment or the vehicles.

7. Relatives, friends and visitors in general may have access to the Residence after authorization by the Management and after an identity document has been handed over. The management reserves its right to check the identity of persons present at the Residence at any time.

8. The management reserves the right to demand payment for any damage or broken objects when checking before the departure of guests.

9. It is absolutely forbidden to :
• light fires;
• damage plants, flowers or the equipment of the complex;
• make any noise between 24.00 hours and 7:00 hours;
• wasch the car;

Staying at the campsite implies full acceptance of the following regulations. Not knowing the rules contained therein is not acceptable as an excuse; non-compliance will lead to taking any measures that become necessary, not least the requirement to leave the Camping site.

The Management